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something delicious for the end of the day

Carolina Pulled Pork

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be a guest at your own dinner party

Coq Au Vin Spice Blend

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try curried lentil tortillas, a vegetarian favorite

Indian Dal Spice Blend

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our sofi Award-winning beef noodle soup

Sichuan Blend

our story

As two busy moms, we discovered the Zen-like effect of slow cooking. Our desire to help people find time to gather around the dinner table inspired us to create our line of gourmet Slow Cooker Spice Blends

our spices

our single use slow cooker spice blends are crafted in small batches and packaged with care. Featuring premium, non-irradiated and non-GMO spices

product focus

smoky bbq

smoky bbq
  • cook time

    20 minutes or less to prep

    high or low settings 

    pressure cooker friendly

  • recipe

    shopping list and recipe directions conveniently located on the back of the pouch

    additional recipes for each blend are found online

  • whole foods

    premium non-irradiated spices designed to be used in combination with whole foods

    salt free*, gluten-free, NON-GMO (*small amount of salt in Smoky BBQ blend and Indian Dal)

  • servings

    2 individual spice packets in each pouch

    each spice packet is designed to create a meal for 4-6 people

social impact

The soul of the zen of slow cooking lies in our desire to help the home cook find more Zen in the kitchen and our heart lies in dream of helping adults with developmental challenges find independence in life through slow cooking.

slow cooking toolkit

suggestions on how to choose a slow cooker, stock your pantry and select the perfect spice blend
Choose a Slow Cooker

Confused by all the options out there? We to help guide you through the process.

Pantry Essentials

A simple guide to what to have on hand to make slow cooking more spontaneous

Pick a Spice Blend

Choose a spice blend complete with shopping list and directions on the pouch


As a busy mom of two little ones, I can barely scrape together lunch for myself, much less dinner for the family. Since I discovered the zen of slow cooking blends, I now have a plan in place to keep myself going (Chicken Tortilla Soup for lunch) and dinner for my family (Smoky BBQ). I also found my go-to brunch dish for company- French Toast Casserole! The zen blends have made my life healthier as well as given me more time to spend with my family!

Founder of All Dressed Up with Nothing to Drink

Often it feels like the minute 3:45 hits on the clock my daily studio practice is hijacked by meeting kids needs, homework, dinner prep and often chaos.  When possible I prefer to work through the homework-dinner prep rush and your slow cook recipes allow me to do just that. We are early risers in my house and for me I would much rather prep dinner in the early mornings when the kitchen is already uprooted with breakfast and then not have to think about much other than a salad and veg. until 5.  Thank you ZC for making this moms job that much easier!

the zen of slow cooking Spices are a huge help in my cooking. I am a gluten free vegan which can make meals difficult sometimes. Their spices add the perfect addition to my dishes. My favorite spice pack is the Indian dal spice packet. It does not have that bitter taste like other turmeric and curry spices. I make the curried lentils (using vegetable broth instead of chicken broth) a couple of times a month. It is my go to meal to bring to dinner parties or to bring to someone who is ill or recovering from a surgery. Its also a great addition to tofu scramble or lentil soup. These spices also make great gifts at all times but especially during the Holidays. I am so happy that I have found the zen of slow cooking Spices!!

My father became a widower when my mother passed away in 2012. Having had a long, loving, and traditional marriage for 55 years, he was at loose ends in the kitchen. My mother had been the only meal planner, shopper, and chef...although he does dry a mean dish.


Living in a retirement community, he has plenty of meal options, but all of them are determined by strangers and prepared by a distant staff.  It's a wonderful luxury, but I came to realize that what he gained in convenience, he gave up in enjoyment. There's nothing like looking forward to a meal prepared just to your liking.


Then I met Jane, and Meg, and found an entire world of recipes that he could create himself, safely, in his own kitchen and on his own timetable. They are easy to modify to allow for fewer servings, they offer familiar ingredients but surprisingly modern tastes, and best of all, he can enjoy the sights and smells of dinner cooking while he goes about his day.


At Christmas last year, I made him a cookbook of a dozen or so recipes from the Zen of Slow Cooking website. He started with the simplest one, and surprised even himself with how easy it was to assemble, but most of all, how delicious and elegant the end result was. As new recipes are posted, I'll email him ones I think he would like to try. He has taken to inviting neighbors over every now and then for dinner, and takes pride and satisfaction in having expanded his skill set.


For me, I am beyond grateful for the way that slow cooking, and Zen's recipes, has given my father a new kind of self-sufficiency and independence. He has the ability to provide for himself in the most elemental of ways, and that is a priceless gift.